Why musicians responding to haters or critics is wrong, and unprofessional…

See? Even the famous musicians can have a big problem lashing out at the haters publicly! Mike Portnoy, former drummer of Dream Theater, left D.T. last year. He is still getting a public backlash about leaving D.T. to this day. I believe that this is what he is responding to.

See Mike Portnoy’s official facebook, here

I’m a longtime Dream Theater fan and I used to respect Mike Portnoy, but after seeing how I see him act on his facebook, I just lost my respect. I unliked his facebook page today.

When I first started out in music, I used to have a problem responding to negative backlashes and I used to lash out at the haters, all the time. Over the years, I learn to ignore everything as much as possible. Even to this day, I try my best to not respond to anything negative about me. Why is it wrong for a musician to lash out at people? Bad karma will come back at you for it later. If you continue to respond to critics in a negative way, you will continue to lose support from people who once supported you and you’ll lose your chances at moving forward in your music career. It’ll make you the badguy instead by responding to everything and defending yourself.

People online are usually pretty honest. If they see musicians misbehaving, make no mistake, people will let you know about it. If you act like an asshole, people will let you know about it. I’ve been there, knowing from my own experience. I’m not right on everything I do online. I’ll admit, I say dumb things sometimes and wish I treated people better in the past…but what’s done is done. Can’t change the past. I still get people disliking me because of my past. I still have people who want nothing to do with me because of my online web presence. Some people claim that my web presence is disturbing, but whatever, ya know? I am who I am, there’s nothing people can do about that.

When you’re a musician and put yourself out there publicly, not everyone is going to like you, period. Just be grateful for the mix opinions, good or bad. I learned to be grateful about mixed reactions and learned to handle things better as I go along.

What are ways for musicians to never get any haters or critics? Simply put, just have a positive & professional attitude, at all times. If you can do that, people will be positive to you in return. That’s good karma. Leave your ego out of things. Don’t explain yourself and don’t defend yourself about things. Don’t say one negative thing at all. I’m trying my best to do just that as you can see. Getting better.

With that being said, making photos or videos flipping the bird at the critics or lashing out at them publicly, that’s a childish thing to do in your part. It makes you look ridiculous. I’ll admit, I’ve been bad at times too. Musicians respond to haters, just to get their fans to show them their support as a way to prove the critics that the musician is respected. That is not a way to show the world that you are respected. You earn the respect by carefully putting yourself out there, professionally. The other guys in Dream Theater must be embarrassed by the way Portnoy is acting on his page.

I’ll have more to say on this topic another time.


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