BREAKING NEWS: Mike Portnoy leaves Dream Theater!!!

Want some shocking news for the day? Well here it is. Long time Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy, announced he left the band today. The reason? To focus on other band projects and move on to other opportunities. Mike originally wanted, Dream Theater, to take a break (not quit), so Mike can focus on his other projects for a while, but the other guys in Dream Theater weren’t up for it. The other guys in DT wanted to go on without him. So Mike accepted their decisions and decided to quit the band. Mike himself revealed the sad news today on facebook, twitter, and myspace.

It’s kind of strange how Mike wants to quit, Dream Theater, since he was the one that formed the band and named the band himself. I’m a big Dream Theater fan myself. I’m also pretty sad of this news. I understand why he wants to move on to other projects but man, Dream Theater is going to be different without him.

He’s making a big mistake, in my opinion. Dream Theater could lose more fans ’cause some of them don’t want to see a Dream Theater show without, Mike behind the drum kit. Mike Portnoy is, Dream Theater. The other guys in the band could easily be replaceable, but with Mike, no. Mike is the most recognizable member and pretty much the leader of the band. Not sure how Dream Theater would sound like with a different drummer. I’m sure am not going to see a Dream Theater concert, without Mike, that’s for sure. Dream Theater is a great band.

Mike is one of the best drummers in music and he constantly does other projects, so maybe he is getting too good for, Dream Theater. I bet when Dream Theater starts doing shows without Mike, they’ll be getting fans chanting, Mike Portnoy’s name, begging him to come back to the band.


One thought on “BREAKING NEWS: Mike Portnoy leaves Dream Theater!!!”

  1. But you have to also consider that everyone is under contracts and just hangin’ for an indefinite while is not a good answer to your record label who fronted you thousands of dollars.

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