Report: Lou Reed won’t let Susan Boyle cover “A Perfect Day”, because he’s no fan of her…

TMZ is the first to report that Susan Boyle was to perform on “America’s Got Talent” earlier this week, but she walked off the show in tears due to the fact that Lou Reed confronted her about not wanting her to perform a song he wrote called, “A Perfect Day”. It is a well known song he wrote with his legendary band, The Velvet Underground. She didn’t ask his permission to perform the song and he wouldn’t give permission for her to sing it because he simply is no fan of, Susan Boyle.

TMZ reports.

In reality, I don’t think Lou Reed would be this mean. He don’t seem like that type of guy. I think Lou himself will speak out on this story soon to clear everything up. Maybe he’ll say this story is bullshit and made up, but maybe he’ll say there is some truth to this, don’t know. He seems like a very friendly and gracious guy. He supported all musical acts as he has performed, “A Perfect Day”, with many other famous artists in the past.

I vote BULLSHIT on this story, that it’s not true at all. Lou Reed is a professional musician. He’s been playing music for way over 30 years, his whole life revolved around music. He does allow other artists to cover his songs as well. This news is tabloids, I’m pretty sure it is.

Btw, Lou Reed is a favorite artist of mine, always has been, loved him and the Velvet Underground. Wonderful songwriter.


One thought on “Report: Lou Reed won’t let Susan Boyle cover “A Perfect Day”, because he’s no fan of her…”

  1. The reason Lou Reed doesn’t want Susan Boyle to sing “A Perfect Day” is really quite simple. Reed has been surrounded by women of a ‘certain kind’ his entire adult life. Even the name of the famous group, “The Velvet Underground,” has sexual connotations. But Susan Boyle has lived a different kind of life. Because of her plain appearance, she was spared the attention of men with one thing on their mind, or on their computer screen. In the midst of a decadent society, she was lonely, but she didn’t become a slut, as so many woman like her have done, seeking approval and becoming cheap in the process. Lou Reed thinks she is a freak. I am not anything like Susan Boyle. But I know one thing. She is not retarded, and she is not a freak. Our world is better because of the example of her personal journey.

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