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Not a Cool Video: Susan Boyle wasn’t lip synching? Really? Of course, she was!!!

The internet is buzzing about this today, Susan Boyle choking during “O Holy Night” on the View. People immediately think it wasn’t a lip synched performance ’cause she stopped the singing in the middle of the song.

For proof that she was lip synching, at about 0:54, she makes this weird face while she was singing, as she made that face, her voice kept going. It definitely wasn’t live ’cause ABC didn’t air the whole performance, which I’m willing to bet they edited out the part where she really messed up.

I don’t think you need more proof than that, do ya?


Cool Videos: All about Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground!

To all you Lou Reed haters dissing the man’s talent and his legacy, I would suggest you listen to his music and the Velvet Underground before slamming him. Here are some tracks. These are all beautiful and amazingly written songs! How can people bash the Velvet Underground!¬† WOW! Lou Reed is a musical genius!

I’m sure you can get Lou’s greatest hits and live albums at record stores & Itunes.


In defense of Lou Reed…

Well, it seems that Lou Reed is getting some big negative backlash just because he didn’t want Susan Boyle to sing his anthem, “A Perfect Day”. Reading the comments by fans at TMZ, or perezhilton and other music websites. Lou Reed has been getting so much hate all week. Lou has been called an egomaniac has been, an old washed up loser, people even says no one knows who he is anymore and they even called, the Velvet Underground to be one of the worst bands on planet Earth. Really? Are they serious? Most music fans are siding with Susan Boyle because they feel sorry for her. Do music fans realize who they are hating on? No. I don’t think they realize who they are hating on.

This is Lou Reed. LOU FUCKING REED! This guy is a legend. He’s been in the music business for way over 30 years. This guy’s been playing in rock n’ roll bands since the 1950’s. He didn’t become famous for music until the 1960’s when he formed, The Velvet Underground, with John Cale. Back in the ’60’s when the Velvet Underground got their record deal, their fame was all because of, Andy Warhol. It was Andy Warhol who caught the attention with the music of the Velvet Underground, so he recommended a label to sign the band a record contract. When Nico joined the band, they named their first album after Andy Warhol. That album didn’t do well in record sales but there’s a big part of the legacy of that great record that people don’t understand. After they fired Nico and Andy Warhol, they continued to release albums. They didn’t become mainstream and popular until the album, “Loaded” which was an album full of hits, that album sold well.

Lou Reed had his share of failures and success in his career, but despite of that, the guy accomplished a lot in the music industry over the years. He did so much. Read his wikipedia here, all you need to know about him and the Velvet Underground.

Did Lou Reed get famous over some stupid TV reality show like Susan Boyle did? No. It wasn’t easy for him to get fame. It took him a lot of work to get there. There was no such thing as reality TV back in those days. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Susan Boyle. She’s a decent singer and all, but all those music fans siding with her, don’t understand Lou’s legacy. Lou went through so much over the years. He did way more than Susan Boyle. The people siding with Susan Boyle, I am noticing listen to commercial and mainstream music. Maybe that’s why they don’ t know who Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground are. Kids today would listen to stuff like Susan Boyle, Rihanna or Beyonce, but they don’t understand older classic music such as the Velvet Underground.

I’ve also heard them say the Velvet Underground are terrible. Really? The Velvet Underground were one of the best rock n’ roll bands back in those days. They were fuckin’ GREAT! Lou Reed and John Cale made excellent music. I loved songs they wrote together, like “Waiting for the Man”, “Sweet Jane”, “I’ll Be Your Mirror”, etc. To those who think Susan Boyle is so great, does she play an instrument and write her own songs? No. She sings other people’s songs. The Velvet Underground never did that. They played their own instruments and wrote everything…and the Velvet Underground happened to be , “Rock and Roll” Hall of Famers!

People should respect the legends of music, not trash them. Lou Reed is an amazing songwriter. He’s still doing music to this day. I think he has a reason to not let Susan Boyle sing his song. I think he is clearly trying to protect his legacy. Since, “A Perfect Day” is a well known anthem, maybe he feels it doesn’t need to be performed on a reality show? It might ruin the legacy of the song. I’m not really sad for Susan Boyle, I’m more sad for Lou Reed ’cause a legend like him doesn’t deserve this backlash and he deserves to be respected. It’s Lou’s music, he has the right to do what he wants with it. Lou’s got my back 100%. I’ve always admired the man’s music for many years. I honestly think Lou did the right thing to not let her sing the song. Just my opinion.

Thought: Another note on Lou Reed’s, “A Perfect Day”…

On a side note, even if it’s true that Lou Reed snubbed Susan Boyle for, “A Perfect Day” song, well, like I always say about an artist and their copyright, it’s his music. If he owns the copyrights and the trademarks. He has the right to control his music how he pleases. He maybe a real dick about it, sure. IT’S HIS MUSIC. He wrote the song.

As for Susan crying about it, this just proves that she can’t handle with fame with music. She doesn’t have what it takes.

“Weird” Al Yankovic tried asking many artists to parody songs from them, and when artists refuses, does “Weird” Al cry? No. He’s strong about it and moves on. He knows that the name of the game with the music business and he knows how tough it’s going to be.

Susan got a lot to learn when she wants to cover songs by artists on TV shows or record them for her albums. As you can see, I’m totally on Lou Reed’s side!

I’m sure Lou will talk soon and can’t wait to hear his thoughts. I’m sure he’ll squash this news and say he respects Susan Boyle’s talent.


Report: Susan Boyle confirms “A Perfect Day” snub, but Lou Reed denies it…

Oh my! This war is getting nasty fast! TMZ reports, that Susan Boyle’s managers confirmed the news is true that Lou Reed, snubbed “A Perfect Day” from her. However, Lou Reed’s lawyers spoke out and said the news isn’t true. Lou Reed’s reps said he wouldn’t do something like this.

See y’all? I told you, Lou Reed wouldn’t do anything like this. I’m sure we’ll hear from Lou Reed himself when he starts doing interviews in the media about this controversy.

Susan needs to get over herself and her ego. Sounds like she’s trying to get more attention off of Lou Reed to promote her own music. Bitch!


Report: Lou Reed won’t let Susan Boyle cover “A Perfect Day”, because he’s no fan of her…

TMZ is the first to report that Susan Boyle was to perform on “America’s Got Talent” earlier this week, but she walked off the show in tears due to the fact that Lou Reed confronted her about not wanting her to perform a song he wrote called, “A Perfect Day”. It is a well known song he wrote with his legendary band, The Velvet Underground. She didn’t ask his permission to perform the song and he wouldn’t give permission for her to sing it because he simply is no fan of, Susan Boyle.

TMZ reports.

In reality, I don’t think Lou Reed would be this mean. He don’t seem like that type of guy. I think Lou himself will speak out on this story soon to clear everything up. Maybe he’ll say this story is bullshit and made up, but maybe he’ll say there is some truth to this, don’t know. He seems like a very friendly and gracious guy. He supported all musical acts as he has performed, “A Perfect Day”, with many other famous artists in the past.

I vote BULLSHIT on this story, that it’s not true at all. Lou Reed is a professional musician. He’s been playing music for way over 30 years, his whole life revolved around music. He does allow other artists to cover his songs as well. This news is tabloids, I’m pretty sure it is.

Btw, Lou Reed is a favorite artist of mine, always has been, loved him and the Velvet Underground. Wonderful songwriter.


Cool Video: Susan Boyle is phenomenal…

I didn’t see the America’s Got Talent finale last night so I went on youtube looking for it. I didn’t like her the first time, didn’t think she was anything special. Now when I saw this performance, I had goosebumps and she floored me this time. She’s one of the best female singers in a long time. I think I’m definitely going to buy her album. There’s something about her voice that draws you in.

Fuck everything else in American Idol or America’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle’s the best thing to come around. I was blown away by this performance. Absolutely beautiful!


Thought: Susan Boyle is not great…sorry…

I have never even heard of this Susan Boyle until the internet started talking about it. So I checked out her performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” in youtube, just out of curiousity to see what’s so special about her, I’m sorry, she is nothing special. Nothing original and nothing mind blowing about Susan Boyle. I wasn’t that impressed. There are so many opera singers that can sing like that, and there are so many opera singers¬†that can sing much better than her. If I was the judge of Britain’s Got Talent, I would have slapped my hand down on the red buzzer. She’s not good. Sorry.