Thought: Another note on Lou Reed’s, “A Perfect Day”…

On a side note, even if it’s true that Lou Reed snubbed Susan Boyle for, “A Perfect Day” song, well, like I always say about an artist and their copyright, it’s his music. If he owns the copyrights and the trademarks. He has the right to control his music how he pleases. He maybe a real dick about it, sure. IT’S HIS MUSIC. He wrote the song.

As for Susan crying about it, this just proves that she can’t handle with fame with music. She doesn’t have what it takes.

“Weird” Al Yankovic tried asking many artists to parody songs from them, and when artists refuses, does “Weird” Al cry? No. He’s strong about it and moves on. He knows that the name of the game with the music business and he knows how tough it’s going to be.

Susan got a lot to learn when she wants to cover songs by artists on TV shows or record them for her albums. As you can see, I’m totally on Lou Reed’s side!

I’m sure Lou will talk soon and can’t wait to hear his thoughts. I’m sure he’ll squash this news and say he respects Susan Boyle’s talent.


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