John Petrucci’s new solo album “Terminal Velocity”… Can’t stop listening to this one… so damn good!

I’ve been a longtime Dream Theater fan and I’ve heard every album they’ve ever done. John Petrucci has been one of my top 10 favorite guitarists for a long time. I never heard his solo music until now. This is his brand new solo album that he just released titled, “Terminal Velocity”. This is John’s second solo album. John hasn’t released a new solo album since 2005.

Why did John release a new solo album this year? Well because of the Covid-19 pandemic obviously. While Dream Theater isn’t doing anything ’cause of the pandemic, not touring and things like that, John had to keep himself busy playing music so he recorded a new solo record.

This is the first time I’ve heard of John’s solo music and I was real impressed. I’ll tell ya though that John’s solo stuff is definitely way different than Dream Theater. It was nice to finally be able to hear what he could do outside of Dream Theater. The band Dream Theater is known as a prog rock metal band but John’s solo music is totally outside of that realm.

On “Terminal Velocity”, you’ll hear more happier and upbeat rock songs. More jazz and fusion too. Yes, you’ll hear John’s usual guitar shredding but it’s way more musical than Dream Theater. What I love about this album the most is that it reteams John with former Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy which is badass.

“Terminal Velocity” is an addicting album. Just got it not too long ago and I find myself coming back to it a lot. It makes me want to buy John’s first solo album, “Suspended Animation” (2005) real soon.

John is a great guitarist and wish that man would get recognized more. I love his playing style. It’s refreshing to hear John do instrumental stuff and I knew he could do instrumental guitar music. “Terminal Velocity” is great. Really loved the album and glad I got it.


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