Where Have all the gym Crowds gone… now that gyms are back???

Yes, gyms are finally back in NY state. Gov. Andrew demanded that crowd capacity should be 33%. Some gyms in NY state follow that rule and some ignore it. Even though gyms are back open and even though gym crowd capacity needs to be at 33% or under, you’re still seeing pretty much empty gyms all over NY state. You’re seeing very few people working out there throughout the day…

Why is this you may ask? Well the pandemic and covid-19 certainly did turn a lot of gym members against the gym. A lot of people out there are still scared to death of the virus and take it seriously and many refuse to go back to the gym ’cause they believe it’s not safe. There’s also this other half that are not scared of the virus at all but they refuse to workout with a mask on at the gym. It’s a combination of both reasons why you’re seeing dead crowds at the gyms.

I’m sure gym goers didn’t give up working out, though. I’m seeing many more gym goers building their own gyms at home… or if they have a friend or family member that has a home gym, they use theirs. Either that or some gym goers find other gyms around NY to join. Some may have stopped working out due to no gym access like I did.

Ya know, people would think I might be crazy for going right back to the gym as soon as it opened but I’m not scared of the virus and I’m not taking it seriously when the death count is very low and recovery rate very high. I’m not panicking like most… so I still try to go out and about and enjoy my day.

When this covid-19 pandemic shit is all over with will gym crowds come back? Probably and hopefully ’cause gyms needs its members in order to survive. They can’t stay at low capacity for so long. Some gyms are gonna close for good ’cause they can’t afford to stay open anymore and they’ll lose a lot of money.

I’m hoping the Battenkill Branch won’t close for good ’cause of the pandemic ’cause that’ll suck. I’m sure it won’t, though. Things will get back to normal, I’m sure. I’m predicting the country will fully comeback after the Election like everyone is saying ’cause this lockdown stuff is all about the election.

Anyhow, I’m actually okay with gyms having no crowds ’cause truthfully people fucking suck at gyms: Hogging equipment, not putting equipment back, not wiping down things when they’re done, not picking up trash, etc. I don’t have to worry about waiting to use a piece of equipment when I need to use something and don’t have to put up with chatty people bothering me during my workout… so yeah I’m good with low capacity crowds. It’s more peaceful to workout when it’s all quiet too.

I’m sure it’ll all get back to normal soon, though.


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