Unfortunately, gotta get used to powerlifting training again which will be a few weeks, I guess…

Uggghhhh… since I’ve been away from the gym for so long due to Pandemic and lockdown bullshit, I really do gotta get used to the gym again ’cause I’m still not used to it honestly. It’ll be a few weeks and then I’ll be on fire again with my powerlifting training.

I was doing deadlift this morning at the gym doing my strength training on that… doing few heavy reps for each set and each rep felt kind of heavy on me so that’s a sign I’m not used to it since I’ve been away for soo long? Yep.

I’m gonna keep doing what I do week after week and then I’ll start training really good again. Just gotta get used to it, I guess. Just keep going and then suddenly, I might get even more gains ’cause of it.

I do miss the gym and glad to be back finally. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing and where I’m supposed to be. I plan to stick with this for the rest of the year and all of 2021, next year. No more time off.

I really want to bring my numbers up on the big three and not going to rush. Take my time.


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