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More on Dream Theater’s “The Astonishing”…

As I type this blog post, I’m listening to Dream Theater’s “The Astonishing” album again. I wanted to read the lyrics to the album but when I downloaded the album from Itunes, I noticed it didn’t come with a digital booklet so I did some googling for the lyrics and found them.


As you can see the album is written as a screenplay for a movie or something. It tells the story of Lord Nafaryus who appears to be the main character. John Petrucci wrote this story himself and presented it to the band & the labels. Everybody seemed to be on board with the story and concept record so they gave it a go…

It’s a futuristic story taken place in the year 2285. As you can see on the cover of the album it’s futuristic.

Read more on the Astonishing here:


This album was all Petrucci’s creation. He inspired to write this album ’cause he’s a huge fan of “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars” so he created his own story putting both together.

I don’t know what the fans are complaining about but I think it’s an excellent album and an interesting idea. Tell a story by song.

For my own music, I actually came up with an idea to do a concept album myself by giving “Evil Fred” a backstory but I scrapped it. I’m thinking of going back to that idea now that I think about it.