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BREAKING NEWS: Dream Theater and Iron Maiden to tour together this summer in the US!!!

This is a dream come true for metal and prog rock fans. Two legendary bands, Dream Theater and Iron Maiden are about to hit the road together for the first time this summer! Better than that, Dream Theater never performed at Madison Square Garden before and they finally get the opportunity. These are two bands that I have loved for a long time! It’s too bad these two bands aren’t stopping by in Albany but NYC is the closest we get to see the show. This is amazing news. I’d certainly would love to see the MSG show in NYC. This is a history making tour!

I’m probably gonna buy Iron Maiden’s new album, “The Final Frontier” too.




Cool Video: Dream Theater’s “Raw Dog” from “God of War III” soundtrack…

Here is the full track of Dream Theater’s new song exclusively released to the “God of War III: Blood & Metal” soundtrack only. Check it out. I’ve been a longtime fan of Dream Theater and this is the best they’ve ever been. It’s instrumental, so no vocals. I love the track.

Most video game soundtracks suck ass, but the video gaming industry finally made a good one.  The “God of War III” soundtrack includes bands from the prog and metal genres. It includes everyone from Dream Theater, Opeth, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, etc.

Check it out. Excellent musicianship in this song. Amazing guitar playing by John Petrucci.