Why Dream Theater is the greatest band on Earth right now…

Dream Theater is one of the greatest rock bands on Earth right now. While they are very underrated and not many people know who they are but at the same time, this band is very successful. It may not seem like it but this band also has their share of haters. Some people do respect them as musicians and stuff but James La Brie who is the singer usually gets knocked for his vocals. I don’t know why. I think James La Brie is one of the greatest rock signers out there. His voice is pretty powerful, in my opinion. He really shows heart with his music when he sings and that’s what makes him amazing.

I think Dream Theater is the Led Zeppelin of this generation. I’m trying to collect all of Dream Theater’s albums in their discography. So far they only have 12 albums and I only have six of them. I’m halfway done collecting their music.

I got interested in Dream Theater years ago ’cause the musicians community have always been talking about them in guitar forums and stuff like that so that’s when I finally decided to check them out and I’ve been hooked to their music ever since. I think the first Dream Theater album I bought was “Octavarium”. Yeah, I was pretty late getting into them but that’s okay.

Dream Theater is a fucking amazing band. John Petrucci is beginning to be one of my favorite guitarists and that’s what I love about the band the most is his guitar playing.

What I love about these guys is that they are not worried about writing hit songs that you can sing along and dance to. They’re about writing music that they are proud of. I admire that in bands. So you’re never gonna see this band all over the mainstream industry. They maybe pretty mainstream in the musicians world but outside of that, no.

The whole band are great musicians. I think John Myung is pretty sick on the bass and Jordan is sick on the keyboards as well. I would love to see Dream Theater live in concert and never got to. So far out of all the Dream Theater albums I’ve listened to, I think “Images and Words” is the best Dream Theater album but that’s just me.

I also can’t wait for the new Dream Theater album later this year as I will get it right when it comes out for sure. I’m sure they will go on tour for it and I hope they do play Albany when they do, though. I would like to get my chance to see them live.

I’d like to see this band get their time in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” ’cause this is one band worthy of an induction.

Dream Theater just rules. They are beginning to be one of my top 10 favorite bands right now.


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