Thinking about starting a comic book and graphic novel collection to read mostly Batman & Superman stuff…

For some reason, I find myself reading comics and graphic novels more. I don’t know why. I guess my interest in comics is growing. When I was a kid, I used to be a comic collector but I stopped for a long while. I’m thinking about getting back into them. Those three comics above were a gift from a friend of mine for Christmas. Never thought I would become a comic book collector but I thought I would finally get into them. Goal for 2017?

I could start buying comics and graphic novels online like amazon and Ebay maybe. I could also start buying them from the Comic Depot store in Saratoga Springs. I would like to start collecting mostly Batman & Superman stuff ’cause I’m a huge fan of both Batman & Superman. Why would I want to start collecting comics? Well most importantly, I like the stories so I’ll probably buy them to read. A lot of die-hard collectors like to collect them just to have them as a collector’s item ’cause they think they maybe worth something. Yeah, they could be worth something but I’ll just buy them ’cause I like the stories, ya know? I love Batman & Superman stories.

If I were to start buying comics again would I buy comics of other superheroes too? Maybe but not a whole lot. For Marvel comics, I would read the Punisher ’cause I love the Punisher. I love the Wolverine so I would read a lot of his comics too. I was never a big comic book reader but I should start.

As far as Batman goes, I’m becoming a huge Batman addict lately. I just love the stories and characters. I’ll try to get into more comics this year ’cause for some reason I find myself reading them more. Reading comics is actually pretty cool.



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