Am I hurting myself with my support of Trump? Nope. Not at all… I’m good thank you!

It is believed by many if you support Trump, you’re a bad and horrible person. They think that if you support Trump, you would lose support from people. You would lose a lot of respect from your friends, your own family members and other people. The question you have to ask is: Has my support for Trump hurt me? No not at all. In fact, people like me a lot more ’cause of my support for Trump. I’ve gotten a lot more twitter followers ’cause of it. This blog has even picked up more followers and readers (which I thank them for). Also, people has been “liking” my Pro-Trump posts in facebook a lot.

Has people bad-mouthed me for my support of Trump? I may have had a few attacks by Trump haters online but not that bad. People hasn’t attacked me for supporting Trump that much in person in the real world as well.

So for anybody that says you’re a disgusting person for supporting Trump, don’t listen to them. Usually the only people who says that you’re a bad person for supporting Trump are those die-hard liberals. Mostly those Bernie and Hillary fanatics. I remember during the primary election, Ted Cruz got his supporters to hate Trump but I see that Ted has now gotten his supporters to support Trump for the General Election which was pretty amazing to see. That was another reason why Trump won the election ’cause Ted got his supporters to vote Trump.

Supporting Trump is actually good for America. Don’t listen to those idiots who says it’s a bad thing. Honestly, you’re the one hurting yourself ’cause of your die-hard liberal politics and wanting Bernie or Hillary for president. That’s not what America wants to see.

I’m not hurting myself at all for supporting Trump… as a matter of fact, I feel very PROUD of it and not ashamed at all for supporting him. Yeah, people do pick on me for supporting Trump sometimes but not that bad. I’ve got nothing but mostly positive responses for supporting Trump for the most part so I’m good.



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