Will I ever play live acoustic shows again???

So I haven’t played live acoustic shows in a long time… well, there’s a few reasons for that…

1) I’m trying to improve my musicianship. Get better with singing and guitar playing.

2) Trying to write new original songs and learn new covers to play live ’cause playing the same songs live gets boring after a while. I like to mix it up at live gigs.

3) I still don’t like this area’s music scene… if there ever was one.

If I were to start performing live acoustic gigs again, it would just be for a few shows out in Saratoga Springs. I don’t think you’ll ever see me perform in downtown Albany ever again. They call that area Smallbany for a pretty good reason, I would say. I’m not really a big fan of this area’s music scene anymore. Haven’t liked it for a long time. Reasons being… people in this area are too crazy and there are a lot of nutjobs out there for sure. This area’s music scene still hasn’t changed which is nice (sarcasm). Lot of musicians with huge egos and nasty attitudes around here for sure. This stuff still goes on. This area is too cliquey and can get dramatic. A lot of opinionated people around here.

Plus, it’s getting a lot harder to get gigs nowadays anyways. There’s no point in travelling many miles to some bar room to just a few people, ya know? That’s why I would only play a few shows near my hometown if the opportunity ever comes up but I would play live again at some point. Just when the time I feel is right.

Yep, this area’s music scene is still crap and I will always stand by it. My opinion, my blog, my thoughts, my life so if you don’t like it and it offends you? Go away. I don’t even go out to see other bands & artists hardly at all except to go out to see EBJ sometimes but that’s about all.

Hell, I might not even play live gigs at all ’cause honestly, I enjoy making music exclusively for the internet more and I prefer that.



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