RIP: George Michael 1963 – 2016

Sad news to report that legendary pop singer, George Michael has just passed away. I wasn’t a big fan of his music but I heard a lot of his songs on the radio and over MTV like most people. Whether you liked his music or not, you can’t deny that he was a hit maker. This guy wrote and sung a lot of hit songs that we’ve probably heard on the radio many times especially his Christmas hit, “Last Christmas” which was a hit song by Wham. “Last Christmas” was a hit Christmas song that everybody should know. You hear that song being played on the FM radio and hear that as background music at shopping malls around the Holiday season. George is also known for other hit songs such as “Faith” and “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”. He did a lot of hit songs that we all know and love. 2016 took another good one. Sucks. 😦


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