Jackie Evancho agreeing to sing “National Anthem” at Trump Inauguration… did it hurt her music career? No not at all…

There were several music artists that pulled out of performing at Trump’s Inauguration on Jan. 20th with the latest being singer Andrea Bocelli. I guess the reason Andrea Bocelli backed out is ’cause he was afraid it might hurt his career. Many of Bocelli’s fans threatened boycott is why. Did Bocelli make a huge mistake? I would say so!

Many people would think Jackie Evancho’s career would be over just for performing for Trump’s inauguration but if you really believe that, you really are a delusional person who is probably brainwashed by the MSM. In fact, Jackie’s career skyrocketed ’cause her Christmas album, “Someday At Christmas” shot to #1 in the Classical Billboard Charts after agreeing to team with Trump.


TMZ isn’t make that up ’cause here’s the Billboard Classical charts right here:


I’m almost pretty sure Kanye West’s album sales has gone way up since his meeting with Trump too. Ya see? Supporting Trump won’t hurt you as a person at all. Supporting Trump isn’t all that bad, stop being a bunch of cowards!


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