Bruce Springsteen to join the rock memoir bandwagon, will release “Born To Run” autobiography Sept. 27th…

There’s been too many rock stars over the years that has written their own memoirs published and sold in bookstores everywhere. Bruce Springsteen is about to join the bandwagon. There has been too many biography books about Springsteen everywhere but those biographies weren’t written by the man himself. Finally, we’re gonna get a book written by the man himself. Bruce will finally tell his own story. Bruce started writing the book after the 2009 Superbowl in which he was the halftime performer.

Despite his liberal politics in his songs, I’m still a huge fan of the Boss. Always loved his music for years. I have a lot of albums of his in my collection. I’m planning to give the rest of his albums a listen in Apple Music streaming soon.

I’m a big fan of Springsteen and will be buying this when it comes out. In the book, I’m sure he will talk about the making of every studio album he did and I’m sure he will talk about the history of the E Street Band. It’ll be interesting stuff I’m sure. Can’t wait!


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