Report: Springsteen battled depression and was suicidal in the earlier days of his career…

Did you think Bruce Springsteen, the boss of rock n’ roll, was a happy man, when he was just becoming a big superstar in rock n’ roll music in the early 80’s? Think again! The Boss, made a public confession that he has been battling depression and was suicidal in the earlier days of his career. It started back around 1982, when he first made his big breakthrough in the music industry. Bruce have been seeing a psychiatrist ever since then. He was never an alcoholic and never did drugs, but he had his problems like most people.

Read more on the story, here.

So some of you may ask, why would fame & fortune make a rock star depressed? I’ve explained it on the blog before, fame & fortune can be pretty risky if you’re not careful. It’ll get to you, believe me. How fame & fortune, can ruin you? I can definitely see how having loads of money would make someone depressed. With fame, you will get no privacy. You will get rabid fans every where you go in public, trying to get after you. You will also get paparazzi after you and non stop interviews with the media. The work load in your career will get to you. You will be away from home and away from your family & friends, a lot. You will be on the road all the time, not having free time for yourself.

That’s what fame will do to you. If you want more examples, look at how many rock stars from the past who drove themselves into drugs and alcohol over the years. Some rock stars have even committed suicide, look at Kurt Cobain. I’ve explained plenty of times before that fame can destroy you if you’re not careful. Look what happened to Amy Winehouse, another perfect example. When famous musicians die, you shouldn’t always blame it on drugs and alcohol. It’s the fame and fortune that causes musicians to drive into depression, so it gets them into drugs and all that stuff.

Fame may sound cool and fun, but the reality is, most rock stars hate being famous. They play music ’cause that’s what they want to do for a living. I know some unsigned musicians want to break into the industry, but it’s not an easy world as you all think. Depression even killed, Elvis Presley too, go figure, another perfect example.

While I’m sure Bruce is all better now and he can handle fame today just fine, I’m sure he still gets depressed at times. His world is not perfect, just like we aren’t. Fame can be dangerous and evil. I don’t know why so many people want it so bad. I don’t care to get famous at all. It’s not what I would want.


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