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Bruce Springsteen plays surprise two hour bar show in New Jersey…

The Boss maybe taking a break from the E Street band at this time but he decided to make a surprise appearance at a small bar in New Jersey called, The Wonder Bar. Musician Joe Gruschecky had a gig there and all of a sudden he invited a surprise special guest.


Some of you may find this a little strange but before Springsteen got big and famous, he was just like the rest of us local musicians. When the Boss first started rockin’ in bands, he started playing in small bars where only a few people would show up. So fame and fortune didn’t happen for him over night for sure. He came a long way to get where he is today.

Why did he accept this gig at the Wonder Bar?

Probably because since the E Street Band is on a break or something, he probably couldn’t stand sitting around and doing nothing so he took upon the opportunity since he was free. He just wanted to play again.


Brock reviews Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning” set at Orion Festival last night…

Last night, I watched the live broadcast of Metallica’s thunderous set at Orion Festival on youtube. They played every single song from the “Ride the Lightning”, album like advertised! The album isn’t that long, it only has 8 songs on the album, so they had to mix in other hits from their other albums during their set. Last night’s set was a monster! WOW! Makes me wish I was at the show. Last night, was all old school Metallica, throughout their entire set. They played mostly their older material from “Kill ‘Em All”, “Lightning”, “And Justice For All” and of course, a few songs from the “Black Album”. This was by far, the best live performance I’ve seen by the guys.

At first, I was a little skeptical of Orion fest, but after watching some of it on youtube, the Fest actually looks kind of cool. Of course, Metallica’s set got the largest crowd more than any other band ’cause they’re Metallica. I didn’t watch any other bands on the Orion Fest, but I did catch Lucero which they are actually pretty decent.

On with Metallica, this is what everyone wants to see them as. Speed metal kings, and last night was all speed metal all the way through. They didn’t play anything from “St. Anger”, “Load/Reload”, “Death Magnetic” or, “Lulu”. Maybe they will play some of the newer stuff for tonight’s set but last night, it was a celebration of their 30 year career, most definitely. I respect Metallica for a lot of reasons. For one, they are the best live performers out there, and they know how to interact with the crowd onstage better than any other band. You can clearly tell, that Metallica really love their fans. After the set got over with, the band stuck around for a while, giving the audience in the front row high fives, throwing guitar picks out in the crowd, and Lars was throwing drum sticks into the crowd as well. It shows that they are really good guys.

Orion Fest, is a pretty successful Festival so far. I see them doing it again next year. Metallica deserves their own festival. Ozzy Osbourne created Ozzfest back in the day, which was a hit Festival. Perry Ferrell created Lollapalooza which that Festival is now legendary. Megadeth created “Gigantour”, which is also a hit.

The whole point of “Orion Fest & More”, is that Metallica wants to express themselves more to their fans. They want to show people what they do other than music. For example, James Hetfield loves cars and motorcycles, so he put on his own car and motorcycle show there. Lars Ulrich, is a big fan of Hollywood movies, so he put up his own Hollywood tent showing some of his favorite films, handpicked by the man himself. Kirk Hammett loves horror fiction, so he put up his own horror museum, called, “Kirk’s Crypt”, displaying all of his horror memorabilia and merchandise. As for Rob Trujillo, he reveals that he loves surfing so he uses the fest to show off his love for surfing and for him to go out surfing himself, of course. Rob also has a passion for skateboarding and there’s a little section at the fest where fans can skateboard at the skateboard ramp.

There are also all kinds of other museums and fun things to see and do. Kind of makes me wish I bought tickets to that Festival and went myself.

No matter what you think of Metallica, they are the kings of metal. I respect their history, their legacy they created, plus, I dig all of their music. You’re not a true Metallica fan if you just like their speed metal stuff only and not enjoy their new material. To be a true Metallica die hard, you MUST LIKE ALL OF THEIR MUSIC. Including the, “St. Anger/Load/Reload” stuff, which I do enjoy as well. These guys are monster songwriters. They are a big influence on my own songwriting as well.

Seeing Metallica for the first time myself live during the “Death Magnetic” tour a few years ago, meant a lot to me. I hope to see them live again.


Sebastian Bach’s, New Jersey is home is all flooded out…

Former Skid Row singer, Sebastian Bach is even feeling the Irene experience. His longtime home in New Jersey is all flooded out. Lot of his important KISS memorabilia and other important items have been destroyed and lost in the flood.

Check out his facebook page, Sebastian shares a few photos of his flooded home.

Like I said before, if your home is destroyed, that’s not important. Staying alive is important. Whether your home is either flooded out or trees has fallen through the roof, all that can be fixed and replaced. What can’t be replaced is your life. So it’s a good thing that Sebastian is still alive. He need to not worry about that memorabilia. He needs to worry about himself and his family.

If something like this happened to my home, I wouldn’t even be sad about it. I would have been happy to survive it. We should be happy that we survived Irene. Think about it.


Report: Bruce Springsteen invades couples engagement photo shoot…

A young couple just got engaged in the beach of New Jersey, so the couple just had photographers to take photos of this wonderful moment… but all of a sudden, the couple gets a strange uninvited guest. Who is it? Yes, it’s no one other than, the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen. Bruce happens to be out for a stroll, until he saw photographers taking photographs of this couple, Bruce couldn’t resist to join in. The groom happened to have a Takamine steel string acoustic with him, so he let Bruce perform a few songs on it for the couple. See the picture above of Bruce singing a song for them.

See the rest of the pics here.

Damn, Bruce. You’re cool and all but you need to let your ego out the door!