Bruce Springsteen plays surprise two hour bar show in New Jersey…

The Boss maybe taking a break from the E Street band at this time but he decided to make a surprise appearance at a small bar in New Jersey called, The Wonder Bar. Musician Joe Gruschecky had a gig there and all of a sudden he invited a surprise special guest.

Some of you may find this a little strange but before Springsteen got big and famous, he was just like the rest of us local musicians. When the Boss first started rockin’ in bands, he started playing in small bars where only a few people would show up. So fame and fortune didn’t happen for him over night for sure. He came a long way to get where he is today.

Why did he accept this gig at the Wonder Bar?

Probably because since the E Street Band is on a break or something, he probably couldn’t stand sitting around and doing nothing so he took upon the opportunity since he was free. He just wanted to play again.


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