Happy 65th birthday, Bruce Springsteen!!!

I’m such a huge fan of the Boss. If you can’t appreciate Springsteen’s music, then you aren’t a true music lover! I may not like Bruce’s liberal politics and I don’t like how he’s a big time Obama supporter but I just love him for the music. It can’t be denied that he’s one of the best singer/songwriters and live performers out there.

At 65, Bruce is still doing it. He’s still rockin’ hard on stage. I’ve listened to Bruce’s music for years and still do. I’ve never seen him live in concert, though, never had the chance. I still listen to and buy Bruce’s music to this day.

I think his new album “High Hopes” that he just released in the beginning of 2014 was a killer album. I’m always listening to it.

Age is not stopping Bruce from rockin’ and that’s one reason why I still respect the hell out of him.

Happy birthday, Bruce. I’m sure he’s enjoying it with Patti and the kids.


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