Interesting thing happened on twitter when I announced I’m done supporting Springsteen…

I posted that on my twitter tonight and right away, it got all the Hillary fanatics all excited. I got several twitter mentions by Hillary supporters asking me to send them my Bruce albums to them. lmao… funny.

I got a few asking me if I have Springsteen’s album on vinyl but I don’t. I’m not a vinyl collector. I have Springsteen’s albums on CD and a few digitally for the Ipod.

The Springsteen albums that I have in my collection are:

  • Born In the USA
  • Nebraska
  • Darkness on the Edge of Town
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Devils and Dust
  • Magic
  • The Rising
  • Working on  a Dream
  • High Hopes
  • 18 Tracks

I used to listen to Bruce a lot but his liberal politics been driving me up the wall lately. He has always been pretty liberal.  I don’t think I’ll support him anymore. I’ll probably just sell these albums at a used record shop if I can find one. I’ll figure a way to get rid of ’em somehow. Maybe I should just send ’em to people on twitter, haha, I don’t know. I’ll figure something out.

It is strange though that many Hillary supporters asking a Trump supporter to send them these Springsteen albums. Maybe opposing sides can be nice to each other after all?


One thought on “Interesting thing happened on twitter when I announced I’m done supporting Springsteen…”

  1. It’s one thing to be liberal but quite a different story to endorse a known corrupt politician

    Especially Hillary who has taken the money from the Haitian people after the earthquake in 2010

    Springsteen should consider a concert to financially support the Haitian people who by the way thanks to the Clinton’s still live in tents

    And keep in mind Kev without Hollywood no one shows up at Hillary’s rallies

    All on his own with no guitar no piano Trump just had “one” rally with over 20,000 people

    Rumor has it that Hillary paid Jay Z and Beyonce $62 million to do the “free” concert in Cleveland the other night

    I wonder if the other performers got a cut of the $62 mil 😉

    …I guess Springsteen didn’t get the memo that Hillary and her campaign crew called “black people stupid” in their emails

    Or perhaps Springsteen and his supporters believe they are

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