Is it illegal to take ballot selfies like the liberal media claims?

I’m seeing people all over social networking posting ballot selfies. Ya know, taking a photo of your ballot and posting it online. People who do that would get ripped for it. Some will try to warn ya that it maybe illegal or it’s against the rules.

I almost did it myself but I took the photo down right away. It probably isn’t illegal and nothing wrong with it but I took it down so people won’t give me shit for it.

I’ve been trying to google information on whether or not it’s against the law but I can’t find any hard proof of that so there probably is nothing wrong with it.

Usually when you go into a voting booth there is a set of rules and instructions hung up in the booth and I saw no where that it said you can’t take photos of your ballot.

I see people do it all over on twitter and instagram. There’s probably nothing wrong with it but keep in mind people will try to intimidate ya. That’s what they try to do. The media claims it’s illegal but they are no law expert or anything. They try to do it to intimidate ya not to vote for a certain candidate.  There’s no proof on whether it’s illegal or not. I haven’t seen any anyway. Once again, don’t trust anything the media says or what the bloggers out there say.

This twitter user here just tweeted a ballot selfie and he’s from NY State as well:



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