Another note on taking ballot selfies, it’s a good way to fight against voter fraud… think about it???

With all this voter fraud going around, it’s a pretty good idea to take a ballot selfie ’cause it’s a good way to prove voter fraud. Maybe that’s a part of why they don’t want you taking photos of your ballot and throwing it online. Like when you mark your vote on the ballot, take a photo of it before you slot it through the machine in case the machine changes your vote on ya automatically. With a photo of your ballot, you have your proof of voter fraud.

Liberal media and other blogs on the internet “claims” it’s illegal and you could get jail time over it. Really? Well, so much for a free country and the “first amendment”. It’s our vote and our voice so we should be able to do anything we please.

Why should we have to follow laws when the elections and government don’t follow ’em themselves? Seriously, fuck ’em all. Do whatcha want.



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