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Sly Stallone announces he’s done with Rambo… reboot coming soon? Probably…

Sly Stallone dropped a huge bombshell today and announced that he’s officially retired from Rambo. He’s been working on a script for “Rambo V” but suddenly he doesn’t want to play Rambo anymore. Probably because Sly is aging and his body can’t take doing action movies anymore. He wants to do it but his body can’t take it.

It seems that Sly is all game for a reboot ’cause he clearly said, “Leave it to someone else”. So that means he’s willing to let Rambo get replaced by a different actor?


I’m all for a Rambo film reboot series as long as they pick a good actor for Rambo. Who would make a good replacement for Rambo? Sly once said in an interview that he wants Ryan Gosling which is an interesting choice but I’d say go for someone like Jason Momoa or Chris Hemsworth. Those two guys are pretty big, muscular and tough so either one of them would make a badass Rambo.

It’s looking like Sly is gonna be done with action movies soon. So is “Expendables 4” gonna be his last action movie that he’s gonna star in? Will he even star in “Expendables 4”? We’ll have to wait and see what goes on.


Rambo will make comeback but will return to the small screen first, “Rambo V” is put on hold…

News on a new Rambo film has been pretty quiet lately and finally we got some news. Rambo will be making his comeback soon but first it will be to the small screen instead of the big screen. Yes, there is a Rambo TV series in development for FOX and Sylvester Stallone will indeed reprise his role as John J. Rambo for the TV show. The TV show will be a father and son duo.

Yes, “Rambo V” for the big screen is still happening but it is put on hold ’cause Sly has too many other projects in the works including “The Expendables” TV series which is still being planned as well.


So Rambo has a son now, hey? They’re probably gonna go for a plot idea that John Rambo finds out that he has a long lost son that he never knew he had and they meet for the first time. Sounds like an interesting idea.

Kind of funny though ’cause I just rewatched the first three Rambo films over the weekend and those films never get old. I’ll have to admit that the fourth Rambo film was kind of a let-down so hopefully Sly doesn’t direct “Rambo V” film ’cause I’ll admit that Sly isn’t the best director at all. He’s a talented actor, no doubt but I’m not afraid to say that he’s a bad director. He should stick with acting and not directing.

When Sly is ready to play Rambo again for the TV show, he’ll probably grow his long hair back for the role ’cause Rambo with short hair would be kind of silly.

Yep, I’m still a huge die-hard fan of Sly and always will be loyal to the guy. I’m looking forward to seeing “Creed” this week.


If there was ever a Rambo reboot, who does Sly want as a replacement???

Sly Stallone is out doing a bunch of TV interviews to promote his new movie, “Creed” in which Rocky Balboa returns. The interviewer asked Sly an interesting question that if Rambo got replaced, who would Sly want to be playing Rambo next whenever Sly is done with the franchise?

There is probably gonna end up being a “Rambo” reboot. Sly is gonna do one more Rambo himself and after that he’s done. Hollywood will probably reboot Rambo after “Rambo V”.

So who does Sly want as a replacement? Sly replied Ryan Gosling and I agree! Ryan Gosling would make an excellent replacement. In case you didn’t realize, Ryan Gosling had a hand in starring in some action movies over the years. Ryan can be a pretty tough and violent guy especially in movies like “Drive”, “The Place Beyond The Pines” and “Gangster Squad”.

Ryan would make a great replacement. While Ryan’s got a good enough bodybuilding physique, he’s gonna have to be even bigger for the Rambo role, though ’cause you know how huge Sly was for Rambo II & III, Sly was massive back in the day. Ryan’s gonna have to get huge muscles for that role for sure. Great choice, Sly! I agree.


Is Sly writing a Rocky 7? Or is he helping out with the writing of “Creed”???

Sly Stallone just posted a cryptic photo on twitter of his desk in his home office. He showed where he does the writing of his scripts. Sly doesn’t use a computer for writing scripts? Ha! I’m sure he uses a computer, though.

If you look closely at the script, you can see that Rocky has some dialogue on it. Is that a script for “Rocky 7” or the Creed spin-off film??? Probably the Creed spin-off film, I would think and Sly is helping out with the writing.

Sly also confirms two more films on twitter:

He confirms he’s doing one last Rambo film after “Creed” and then he’s gonna do a film about mobster, Gregory Scarpa.

I’m glad Sly finally confirmed one last Rambo film and I’m sure it’s gonna be badass. I did like the Rambo film that was released in 2008 but it needed to be longer. I’m sure the next film will be longer and even more violent than the last one. I’m sure Sly will grow out his long hair again for the Rambo role. Will Sly direct the last Rambo film himself, though? Honestly, I hope not ’cause while I’m a huge fan of Sly, I don’t think he’s the greatest director in the world, though. He should get someone else to direct the final Rambo film if he wants it to be great.

Here’s what I think is gonna happen to Rambo in the final film. SPOILER ALERT: Rambo dies. Ha!

Yeah, Sly said before that he would be willing to kill Rambo off in order to end the series. Rambo was originally supposed to die in the first one but of course, they had to change the script so Rambo can live for the sequels.

I’m still a huge fan of Sly though and look forward to every new movie he comes out with.


Sly is dying to make one last Rambo movie? It appears so!!!

I haven’t made a Sly Stallone post here in a long time but now that he finally has something worthy to post, I had to post it here. Sly just said he is dying to do one last Rambo movie, and the plot will involve him being between the borders of Arizona and Mexico.

He talks about the new Rambo film at the very end of this interview.

You should read the rest of that interview as well, it’s a good interview. I agree with his thoughts on today’s action heroes on how it isn’t what it used to be back in the 80’s. There are some good action movies that come out today, but today’s action films are full of CGI and special effects. It wasn’t the way the old days filmed action movies.

I’m glad Sly is thinking about one last Rambo movie. Hopefully, the next film will be LONGER and more brutal than the last one.


Report: Sylvester Stallone to start his own men’s fashion business based on “Rocky” and “Rambo” characters…

Many people don’t know this, but other than being an actor, writer, director, & bodybuilder, Sylvester Stallone is also a business man. He was the one who helped start the “Planet Hollywood” restaurant with other movie stars. He started his own magazine in the 90’s for a while called, “SLY”, magazine. He also started the “Instone LLC” business which is a company that sells healthy supplemental products for bodybuilding/fitness. Not sure if he still has that in business or not.

Sly’s next business adventure, that he will start his own fashion clothing line for men. It will be mostly aimed for men around Sly’s age, but I’m sure people all ages could buy his stuff from there. Sly’s new clothing line will start next year in 2012. The clothing that the business will sell, will be based on the “Rocky” and “Rambo” movie characters. His goal with the company is that he wants men of his age to look like a “Rebel and a gentlemen”.

Read more about it, here.


Report: Rambo to go on without Sly?

Well, Sylvester Stallone himself responded to “Rambo V” rumours immediately after the poster was spotted at Cannes. Sly himself tells AICN, that he’s definitely done with Rambo for good. However, he says Miramax can feel free to go on without him if they want to continue the franchise.

More on it here:


Does this mean that there will be a Rambo “prequel” or a “reboot” on the way? I would prefer a “prequel” of First Blood, instead of a “remake”. A prequel to “Rambo: First Blood”, the first one would be interesting. They could hire a younger actor to play John Rambo. A younger actor that looks similar to Sly. It be interesting if a Rambo prequel actually shows his days during the Vietnam War. “Rambo V” without Sly starring as Rambo and him not directing wouldn’t work. So this leaves open the possibility of a “prequel” or a “remake” is on the way.

If you think Rambo can’t go on without Sly, maybe it can. “Terminator: Salvation” went on without Arnold being in the lead, and that film was successful. So maybe it can work, never know.