Report: Stallone retires “Rambo” for good, planning sequel to “The Expendables”…

In a surprising move, Sylvester Stallone has announced to Empire magazine, that Sly has retired Rambo. The good news is, Sly is already working on a sequel to, “The Expendables”. The upcoming action flick that is about to hit theaters this summer in August.

More on it here:

It’s kind of too bad that there won’t be another Rambo, but it’s great that Sly wants the “Expendables” to be his next big franchise.

What’s the reason Sly wants the “Expendables” to have a sequel this early? Sly already started working on the sequel even before the first one came out. My bet is that he wants Sly, Arnold and Bruce Willis to star the leading roles in the sequel. Arnie and Bruce only had a small cameo in the first one, but maybe Sly wants them to be in throughout the next movie? Will “Expendables 2” be Arnold’s comeback to leading roles in Hollywood once his governor run is over? All we can do is hope and cross our fingers.

Maybe Sly will also try to get Jean Claude Van Damme and Kurt Russell for the sequel as well. I know those two turned the first movie down, but maybe they will agree with the sequel, who knows. Anything is possible.


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