Rambo 5 gonna be more of a Western film instead of a war film? Kind of what it’s looking like…

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Rambo’s man cave…@rambomovie #rambo5

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It’s looking like the next Rambo film which will be the fifth installment is gonna be much different than the previous 4. The next Rambo is looking like to be more of a Western feel. From all the pics I’ve seen of Sly filming on set, looks like you’re about to say goodbye to big machine guns and you’re not going to see Rambo flying in giant helicopters like in the earlier films.

What’s Rambo’s weapons of choice are going to be for the next film? If you look at the background in this picture look what’s hanging on the walls. I see some rifles hanging on the walls so you might see Rambo using those instead of machine guns.

You can also see a knife in Rambo’s hand in which he looks like he was sharpening. Is that Rambo’s new knife? Hmmmm….

This is already looking pretty interesting. Also if you look very closely on this picture, you can see Rambo’s bowie knife hanging on the wall next to the rifles. Was that the old Rambo bowie knife that he used in “Rambo: First Blood”?


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