My latest fitness progress pics…

Yesterday, I went to the Saratoga Springs YMCA just to go to a different gym and see what the main YMCA looks like. Now that the YMCA memberships are good for ALL branches around this area, I decided to finally check out the Saratoga Y.

This building is a much nicer facility than the one in Greenwich. The Saratoga Y is a two floor building with plenty of things to do. Of course, the place has a much larger weight room and much larger cardio machine room. The building also has an indoor swimming pool, an indoor basketball court, an indoor running track which is upstairs, a cafe and all kinds of things. I think I’ll go to the Saratoga Y a lot more often ’cause it’s a really cool place.

As for the indoor swimming pool they have there, I haven’t used yet but will some other time. Only thing, I’m not the best swimmer in the world but I could be better. That’s why I want to go to that Saratoga Y ’cause I’m hoping to learn how to swim better. I want to learn to swim really good so I’ll work on trying to get a swim instructor if they’ll let me hire one there hopefully.

Anyway, here’s me taking a few quick mirror selfies in the big locker room at the Saratoga Y. I’m finally getting some chest development which is nice and got a full six pack going like I’ve been saying. I’m starting to look like a bodybuilder finally. I like what I see now but still got a lot of work to do, though.

I improved my chest by doing both the pushing and squeezing movements. Doing presses and flies will do it. How did I get visible abs? Well good eating for one…. abs are made in the kitchen like they all say. Plus weight training, stretching, planks and yoga got me the abs too.

To get a ripped physique takes three things: train hard, eat right and lots of resting. Do all of that, you’ll get ripped.


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