Does weightlifting damage the spine even more for those who have scoliosis? Well no it doesn’t… here’s how…

There’s a misconception out there that bodybuilding with scoliosis makes the spine curves even more when doing weightlifting in the gym. Does weightlifting makes the spine a lot worse like a lot of people claim? There’s no scientific proof on whether or not it does and realistically, weightlifting doesn’t damage the spine even more. No matter how heavy you lift, it won’t damage the spine.

Why? Simply because all the muscles on your back that surrounds your spine, helps protect your spine. The more muscle you build, the more it protects the spine. The muscles is kind of like a shield, ya know? A protective shield so that your spine won’t bend even more. I got the Harrington rod fused to the spine so my spine is made of metal — got the major surgery to that done when I was 11 years old, I think.

I understand how people get worried of those with scoliosis lifting weights in the gym but really, there is nothing to worry about. Lifting weights for scoliosis is very good in fact. Weight lifting won’t damage the spine at all.

When I first started lifting, I had doubts, worries and even scares but I’ve been working out for 10 years or a little more and I haven’t had anything bad happen to me yet. I haven’t had my spine bend, snap or even worse break. Nothing like that happened at all and probably will never happen. That’s what the muscles on your back are for. They protect the spine, I think. I don’t see how weightlifting makes the spine a lot worse.

I remember once a long time ago, I went to the doctor to see if weightlifting made the curve a lot worse and he said no, not at all. So there you go.

I’m perfectly good with weightlifting in the gym and I can do all the heavy lifting all I want. Deadlifting is the best exercise for the back so if you have scoliosis, don’t be afraid to deadlift, bench press, squats, etc. In the past, I avoided deadlift, bench press and squats ’cause I was worried if they would worsen my spine more but now I’m seeing that won’t be a problem. I can do all that stuff all I want now.

No matter what you think of people with scoliosis with or without the Harrington Rod, you gotta give them kudos for working out in the gym anyways. People worry about me all the time when I go to the gym. It’s annoying but I’m willing to deal with it and won’t listen to anyone. I just do what I want to do in life and do my own thing.

After all the heavy lifting that I do in the gym after all these years, I feel real good and haven’t felt better. I’ve been lifting for a long time and I’ve got a good enough physique and people still want to worry about me. I haven’t had any serious injuries and never got sent to the hospital over the years. I might have had a few muscles strains here and there once in a while but nothing that will hurt the back. My back is really jacked and wicked strong so I don’t see how it could worsen the spine. I’m okay, really I am.




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