“Rambo: Last Blood” begins casting… they find the film’s leading villain and leading actress too…

“Rambo: Last Blood” has already started filming with just Sly being the only cast member so far and they just signed two actors for the film. They just added Paz Vega who is playing journalist, Carmen Delgado and they also signed Sergio Peris-Mencheta who is the film’s leading villain.


I would think Sergio being the main villain, he would be the leader of the Mexican cartel who Rambo will try to hunt down. I thought this film was going to be about a missing daughter but instead it’s looking like Rambo is going to help find Carmen’s half-sister. I bet Carmen will be Rambo’s love interest in this film too. It’s no surprise to see minor changes in the story ’cause Sly is always making changes in his scripts. Sly even continues to write the script even while filming the movie, that’s how he has always been. So expect even more changes to the story soon ’cause Sly is always changing things around.

Anyway, it makes sense to hire Spanish actors since most of the movie will be set in Mexico.

It may seem like that this movie is gonna be a Western but NOT all of it. Maybe the beginning of the movie, yes but I’m pretty positive we will see the tough guy Rambo we all want to see. Sly won’t disappoint us. I think we may get the violent Rambo once again… yes, big machine guns, big knives and maybe big helicopters. We’ll get it all… blood and gore, big fist fights, big and LOUD EXPLOSIONS. It’ll be the action movie we all want to see.


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