Sly Stallone tease that Rambo is on his way back to the big screen, “Last Blood” coming after all?

Sly posted a cryptic Rambo message on his instagram. On it shows Rambo’s arm holding his knife and his whole arm and hand is wrapped around barbed wire. Through the knife’s reflection you see a reflection of Rambo’s face. For a long while now Sly kept posting about Rambo on instagram from past Rambo films and all of a sudden he posted a Rambo photo never-before seen. I don’t think I’ve seen this before so is this gonna be a cropped image of a new Rambo movie? Looks like Sly has decided to bring Rambo back to the big screen after all. I think Sly can give us one more Rambo film. Rambo deserves a closure. This could be it. A new Rambo film on its way.

The rumored title for the next Rambo is gonna be “Last Blood” but things could change. I hope a new Rambo film happens ’cause we deserve one. Hopefully it’ll be longer than 90 minutes ’cause “Rambo 4” was really short. “Rambo 4” was great but too short. We need more!


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