Just had my first Yoga session at the Y last night… tough but fun!

Well last night at the Y in Greenwich, I just had my first Yoga class session. For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to get into different styles of workouts. I’ve been wanting to get into boxing, martial arts and yoga. So at the Greenwich Y this week, I had two different classes for the first time. “Boxing Bootcamp” and “Yoga”. I loved both! So I’m planning to stay committed to both. I’m definitely gonna stay committed to both ’cause I want to get good at both boxing and yoga.

I’ve been looking at getting into Yoga for a long time and finally found a place where I could learn. Yeah, I’m a beginner at Yoga so I’m gonna suck for now. I’m not that flexible and can’t do balance very well either so I got a lot of work and practice to do. I want to be able to get more flexible and be good at balance. I think I need it. When I did Yoga last night at the Y, I did okay for a start but was struggling at a lot of poses ’cause why? Probably ’cause I’m not that flexible yet and not good with balance yet either. If I keep at it and practice before you know it, I’ll become a Yoga master soon enough!

There were several other people in the class and I was probably the only person in the class that was doing really bad. The other people in the class were way better than me. Why? Simply because the other people in the class are way more experienced than me. They’ve probably been doing yoga for a long ass time. Me? I got a long way to go. Yoga is fun. Challenging. Most importantly, yoga is probably the best stress reliever out there and yoga will help you relax too. Despite me sucking at Yoga for my first try, I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt when it was all over. It was a pretty amazing feeling really. I can see why Yoga is getting pretty popular.

To learn Yoga, I thought about buying Yoga DVD’s and watching youtube channels that teaches Yoga but I think it be better if I learn from an actual Yoga instructor. Since I’m a beginner at Yoga, the Yoga teacher gave me the advice that I need to listen to my body and do the poses that are best for me and not listen to her. Yeah, the Yoga instructor was a woman and she’s really nice looking too. She was real friendly as well ’cause I had a little chat with her after the session.

Yoga is awesome and I want to get better at it.

So since I’m getting myself into boxing and Yoga, I better cut down on the weightlifting some. I’ll still do weightlifting, I won’t give that up, never but I will cut down some ’cause I don’t want to do so much. Boxing bootcamp and Yoga will wear you out. Boxing and Yoga will both get you in pretty good shape soon enough. If you want to get into really good shape faster, boxing and yoga will do it.

I still want to be the best shape of my life. I want to improve my life and get better.

Someday though, I still want to get into martial arts, ya know, karate. I was given the advice by someone that I should start off with boxing first which sounds like a good idea. In boxing, I’ll never fight someone ’cause I don’t believe in violence but when some punk out there plans to beat me up well then okay, I’ll be game for kicking ass. I just want to learn how to defend myself just in case, ya know? Defend myself and other people.

I love boxing and Yoga. I just want to get into something different other than bodybuilding. Whenever I start getting good at Yoga, maybe I’ll film myself doing some Yoga poses for youtube or facebook or whatever.



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