Trump is gonna be the next president, the NeverTrumpers know it, they’ll just never admit it…


It should be pretty easy to see by now that Trump is gonna be our next President. Media tries to make lies about Trump’s tanking in polls and that goal failed. Media tried to make Trump look like a racist and a woman hater, those two things failed. Media and NeverTrumpers tried every attempt to destroy Trump but they failed at everything they tried. Since they can’t figure out a way to call Trump a racist anymore, there is nothing left but crying. NeverTrumpers crying that Trump is gonna be the next prez.

I will watch the Hillary vs. Trump debate next week which will be this coming Wed. night on Sept. 7th with Matt Lauer hosting the first Presidential Debate. This is gonna be good TV, folks. Get ready. Do you really believe that Hillary has what it takes to debate Donald? I don’t think so. He’s gonna humiliate her on TV next week. Ever since the election started, Hillary has been attacking Donald on her twitter and at her rallies. Well, lets see if she has the guts to attack Donald to his face when she faces him for the first time Sept. 7th. That’s what I’m interested in seeing.

There’s no freaking way that Hillary is gonna win the election Nov. 8th. There’s also no freakin’ way Gary Johnson or Jill Stein is gonna win as well. If Bernie Sanders somehow gets himself on the ballot Nov. 8th, he won’t win either. Landslide win coming for Trump in Nov. The Nov. 8th election is just around the corner. It’s getting closer and closer, just a few more months away. I’ve been with Donald Trump ever since he announced his candidacy last year and I’ve stuck with him ever since. I will never listen to the media or the NeverTrump idiots. Fuck ’em.

Trump wants to make America Great and Safe for everyone, doesn’t matter who you are or what your political views are. Trump is for everyone. He will win on Nov. 8th, I just know he will.



2 thoughts on “Trump is gonna be the next president, the NeverTrumpers know it, they’ll just never admit it…”

  1. We’ll…don’t pop that corn just yet…

    2 rumors floating around

    1. Crooked Hillary may not attend the debates

    2. Crooked Hillary may be dropping out of the race after yesterday ‘s release of more of her emails

    I would love to see the Olde Hildebeast get what she has earned in life

    …a good bout of humiliation which won’t be difficult for Trump to do all he has to talk about is the “truth about hillary”

    HRC has humiliated herself right into disgrace

    1. You’re probably right. Hillary could be dropping out of the race even before the Sept. 7th debate even happens. Maybe she’ll drop out Monday or Tuesday. Who knows? She’ll be too scared to face Donald in person anyways, I know she will.


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