So glad I discovered Yoga… I’ve been wanting to get into it for a long time!

So yeah, I’ve recently discovered Yoga finally and I’m actually pretty happy about that. Why have I been wanting to get into Yoga? Like I said previously, I want to become more flexible and be good at balance which is what I really need. I also want a new way to focus, clear my head and relieve stress ’cause Yoga will do all that. Plus, I also had a few people I know who recommended me to get into it.

I’m not that flexible at all and really need to have a more flexible body. I plan to stay committed to Yoga every week at the Y and at home. The more I stay committed and keep at it, the next thing you know, I’ll be able to bring my leg all the way up high behind my head. I’ll be able to do leg splits someday which is what I want to do. When I had my first Yoga session at the Y earlier this week, I’ve already learned some of those poses in the pic above. I sucked at them ’cause I’m not that flexible at all. I couldn’t do the balancing stick pose which is what I plan to work on. I couldn’t do the Triangle pose and couldn’t do the Eagle pose. I also couldn’t do the tree pose very well either ’cause I’m not good with balance at this time.

We did the Adho Mukha pose a lot but that’s one pose that I can do pretty good on although it was really tiring to hold that position for a pretty long time… the Adho Mukha pose looks something like this:

I may be struggling on a lot of stuff in Yoga ’cause I’m a beginner. It’ll take me some time to get better at Yoga. It will probably take me several months or a full year to get good at it. It might even take me a good couple of years.

I wish I discovered Yoga a long time ago but late is better than never. At my age which I’m almost 40 pretty soon, it’s a pretty good time to start now before I get too old anyway.

Yoga is awesome. So glad I got into it and I vow to keep at it. Yoga is very healthy too and will also get you in pretty good shape. You want to have a sexy looking body, Yoga will do that.



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