Why listening to shred guitar music is good…

A lot lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental shred guitar music. I’ve been listening to this stuff for years actually. I’ve been trying to listen to all the popular shred guys. Since last year, I’ve gotten into Al Di Meola and Joe Satriani a lot. I’ve actually been listening to Joe Satriani for many years so I’m already a fan of his. I’m trying to listen to all the popular shred guys like Steve Vai, Jason Becker, Eric Johnson, etc. I’m also gonna make my way to listen to some Yngwie Malmsteen as well. I love listening to instrumental shred music for a lot of reasons. I listen to that stuff for guitar playing inspiration pretty much, just to get some ideas of what lead guitar would sound like. Plus, most importantly this is cool music to listen to. Shred music isn’t a mainstream genre anymore but it is still popular but it seems that only guitar players listen to that kind of music these days.

Thanks to Guitar World magazine, that magazine inspired me to get into Steve Vai more. I’ve read many Steve Vai interviews through Guitar World and finally, I decided to get his new album “Modern Primitive” and also get the “Passion & Warfare” (25th Anniversary remaster edition) from Itunes. Got them both and both albums floored me. Then I thought to myself, man, I really need to listen to Steve Vai more. So just the other day, I bought his earlier album, “The Story of Light” which was also badass. I was never much of a Steve Vai fan but I am now. I can see why he matters to so many people. Even though Steve Vai is cool, I will always like Joe Satriani more ’cause Satriani will always be my no. 1 shredder with Al Di Meola close behind him. Steve Vai would have to be my third favorite.

I’ve just started listening to Jason Becker’s music ’cause I just bought his album, “Perpetual Burn” from Itunes and I was floored by the album too. Jason Becker freakin’ rules and I can see why he matters to other guitar players.

I think people should listen to instrumental shred music more ’cause it’s good for ya. That kind of music helps relax you too.

Someday, I would love to make an instrumental shred guitar album myself. It’s always been a dream of mine to make a record like that and I would like to make it happen too. That’s part of why I’m trying to improve my lead guitar playing and ear training chops, ya know? In order to play shred guitar music well gotta have the technical skills and a good ear, I’m trying to work on both.

Shred music is awesome and wish that kind of music would get recognized more.



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