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How Bill Clinton got away with rape & assault with women over the years…

Bill Clinton has a long history of rape & assault with women over the years but the media ignored it all. Also, Bill has never been held accountable. He never got arrested for any of it and he’s still standing today as you can see. How did Bill get away with rape & assault with women over the years?

Why, Hillary of course. She protected him. She protected him by trying to get all of his victims to keep quiet about it and she was successful.


So the question is, Hillary is okay with Bill doing all this stuff all he wants and she has no problem with it? It seems so. I wouldn’t be surprised that Bill is still raping & assaulting women today. He’s probably still sleeping with a lot of women who are willing as well. It’s pretty obvious that Bill is a “player” and Hillary has no problem with it.

Why? It’s probably because Hillary is a closeted lesbian and she married Bill to cover it up. She also stays with Bill so she can stay in power in politics. Without him, she would be nothing. That’s why she continues to stay with him.


Bill & Hillary Clinton celebrates their 40th wedding anniversary today..



Bill Clinton is a womanizing and cheating pig… yet Bill and Hillary are still together.

Media gets all over Cosby for sexual assault and rape on women but media ignores Slick Willy Bill’s long history of assault and rape.

Happy Anniversary to Bill and Hillhole. Hope they enjoy it.


Bill Clinton cheating on Hillary again but with a big breasted blonde…

Slick Willie just loves those hot babes, doesn’t he? I can see why since Hillary is getting too old for his tastes and she continues to stay with him. Why? Simply because Hillary would be nothing without Bill. If she left Bill, she would probably get arrested for all of her crimes. She stayed with Bill after the Monica Lewinsky stuff so she can stay in power and stay above the law. Hillary probably cheats on him too ’cause there’s a lot of rumors out there that she’s a closeted lesbian.



Bill Clinton is a rapist too but the liberal left still hails him as a hero and a rock star…

Oh man… not only that Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky while still being married to Hillary, he is also friends with pedophile billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein. All the sex stuff with Bill Clinton gets even crazier.

Turns out that women have been charging Bill Clinton with sexual assault and rape ever since his college days at Oxford University.

More here…


Of course, I don’t really find this a surprise since Bill seems to love women.

Man, what is it with the Clintons that they think they can do all the bad things all they want to… there is never any public outrage? Bill and Hillary thinking that they’re above the law is nothing new as you can see. They always thought they were above the law.

What is wrong with this country when Bill Cosby has become a target in rape allegations and Bill Clinton gets nothing?


Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk is very powerful and intense… worth a listen!

I just listened to Monica Lewinsky’s TEDTalk today and I’m blown away. Her speech is very powerful and intense. I listened to the whole thing. Ya know, she made a mistake years ago and after listening to her TEDTalk, I think it’s time to forgive and forget. She deserves it. This was a very brave and ballsy speech. She was honest throughout the whole thing.

So what, she sucked someone’s dick? What woman hasn’t done that? Big deal, ya know? That doesn’t make her a slut and all that stuff. People make mistakes, learn from them and they change for the better.

I do agree with her that cyberbullying and trolling has become a huge problem in this day and age of the internets. It continues to be even more of a bigger problem today.

I know what it’s like to become a victim of public humiliation on the internet ’cause I experienced that myself many times. I get cyberbullied and trolled by losers all the time and still do to this day. This is part of why I’m very strict on moderating in social networking, my blog, youtube, etc. It’s just my way of eliminating trolls and losers. I have no time for that crap. People actually thinks it’s okay to say what they want about me and I’m not gonna let ’em, ya know? I don’t let trolls and losers get me down. I even gotten bullied by the local music community too over the years but that’s okay.

You just gotta learn to ignore that stuff. Be tough and stay above ’em if you wanna survive. All I care about is my music, working out in the gym and doing my online stuff. Don’t have time for negativity and bullshit.

She does have a point that cyberbullying, public humiliation and online harassment has become a huge problem. I’ve been putting up with this stuff for the past decade or so. Why would people troll and attack others? In my opinion, they’re just losers who don’t have much going on in their lives. Successful people wouldn’t waste their time with this stuff. Haters are gonna hate.

Just ignore ’em and continue to be yourself. Fuck everyone. Can’t please everyone, ya know what I mean?


Are the Clinton’s murderers as well???

Check out this informative video about Bill and Hillary. A video pointing out all their murder victims. While all of those fucking libtards out there are worshiping these two like they are rock stars, they ignored the fact that they are pretty evil people. Gee, no wonder why Barack asked Hillary to help him out on Benghazi ’cause her and Barack have one thing in common. Both of them are murderers. When will this country wake up and learn that the Clinton’s are evil scum bags???

Bill Clinton bullied Martin Scorsese and I’m sure libtards still think Bill is a good guy… and now they probably think Martin Scorsese is an asshole.

Wake up, America. The Clinton’s aren’t the sweethearts you want them to be.


Martin Scorsese stands up for the 1st Amendment by cancelling the Bill Clinton documentary…

Legendary filmmaker, Martin Scorsese has a slew of documentaries to make and the Bill Clinton documentary is one of them. The documentary was almost done but Scorsese shelved the project ’cause he felt he was getting controlled and bullied by none other than Bill Clinton himself.

What Mr. Scorsese did here was pretty amazing. He stood up for the 1st amendment. Martin probably thought to himself, “Man, fuck this bullshit. These guys are on their own”.


I wonder what was it that Bill didn’t want in the film? Probably all the Monica Lewinsky stuff I bet.

I love Martin Scorsese, though, he’s one of my favorite film maker of all time. He has made a lot of good movies. I don’t think I have seen any of his documentaries yet, though.