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Thought: About the Chelsea Clinton wedding…

So the internet has been buzzing about the Chelsea Clinton wedding all weekend. My question is why? In facebook, I’ve been seeing statuses written by people about them wanting to go see it. Really? Are they serious?

They are public figures and famous politicians yes, but they deserve peace and privacy just like the rest of us want. I wouldn’t want to go to a celebrity wedding. Imagine how crazy it would be in those type of weddings. You will see rich and wealthy people all over the place. There will be fancy and expensive food that you can’t even afford. Really expensive beer and wines for the reception after. Why go to a celebrity wedding when you don’t know them?

Can you imagine talking to these type of people at a wedding? I don’t think it’ll be as fun as you think. You don’t see the Clinton’s getting in your personal business with your marriage, so you shouldn’t be getting into theirs.

Congrats to Chelsea, I’m not knocking her wedding, I’m talking about real people like us wanting to go to it. I wouldn’t want to go see it ’cause wouldn’t it make you feel a bit uncomfortable hanging with a bunch of politicians and rich people? I know I would hate it. Anyhow, I think Rhinebeck was a horrible location for them to do the wedding. They should have done it in the Clinton’s home state of Arkansas. I am pretty sure Hillary picked that location because she used to be Senator for New York State. I’m not sure, but I think the Clintons still live in New York State. Maybe that is why they picked Rhinebeck.