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The NY Times did nothing but prove that Trump is the ultimate alpha-male…

I just read this joke of an article that the NY Times did just for laughs. It’s an entertaining as hell article, I must say. The liberal media is doing all they can to make Trump look like that he treats women horribly but they’re doing a terrible job.

I look through this garbage article and the article highlighted all the so-called horrible things Trump did or said to women.

What’s wrong with asking a woman to put on a swimsuit? What’s wrong with Donald loving beautiful and pretty women? What’s wrong with kissing random women? What’s wrong with calling women “hon” or “dear”? Nothing wrong with that stuff at all ’cause that’s what an alpha male does. An alpha-male aka a man who is dominate to women and that’s all this article proves. An alpha male is a man who is not afraid to show that he loves women. Nothing wrong with that.

Why do you think so many beautiful women in America love Trump? It’s because they know he’s an alpha male. Trump’s been an alpha male all his life and he still is. This article is just another hit-job and smear on Trump. All they’re doing is trying to make it look like that Trump treats women horribly but nobody is buying into the NY Times bullshit. Trump likes beautiful women, who cares? All men love beautiful women. What’s so bad about Trump loving beautiful women?

So the media wants to act like Trump treats women horribly, why don’t they treat Bill Clinton the same way? Bill Clinton treats women like sex objects and the media continues to ignore Bill’s assault victims. Why aren’t the media calling Bill Clinton a sexual predator when they should? Instead they treat Bill like he’s a rock star. It’s quite pathetic really.

I’m so tired of the liberal bias in the media.


Bill Clinton tells the truth about the “Black Lives Matter” movement, he said something we’ve all been thinking…

The “Black Lives Matter” movement started ever since the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman thing happened. The BLM movement started after Barack Obama’s “If I Had a Son” speech. That’s when the BLM movement exploded. The BLM movement is still going today obviously.

Bill Clinton is so right that all the BLM movement is doing is defending criminals and thugs. I’ve been saying this ever since the Trayvon Martin thing but nope… people gave me all kinds of hell. They gave me so much shit about it and called me names like “racist”. This is what the BLM movement is about and all it’s doing is helping to divide the country. You don’t see too many politicians telling the truth about the BLM stuff and Bill Clinton is the only one who had the guts to tell the truth about the BLM thing. This is what most of us has been thinking ever since Trayvon Martin. Yeah, Trayvon Martin was a thug too… Trayvon deserved what he got by Zimmerman, get over it.

I don’t like Bill Clinton like most people but just for this one time, THIS ONE TIME, I’ll agree with him on something. I mean that too.

Everybody wants to look at people like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and others as innocent people who didn’t deserve what they got but they weren’t innocent and they DID deserve it.

Sure, George Zimmerman wasn’t a cop but he still had the right to defend himself. Thank you, Bill. Keep saying it and don’t back down!



Bill Clinton finally admits that Obama is a horrible president and has destroyed the country… WOW!!!

Bill Clinton finally admitted in a speech while campaigning for Hillary that Barack Obama has destroyed the country and admitted that the Obama presidency was awful. Slick Willie Bill also called out how bad the George W. Bush presidency was too and I agree with Bill that both George W. and Obama were both horrible.


Now Bill’s comments on Obama is getting the liberals all fired up. The liberal community is trying their best to brainwash us into thinking that Bill was actually referring to Republicans but he wasn’t, you one-sided dumb asses. Bill said put the “awful legacy of the eight years” behind us… he was referring to Obama. You can only be president for 8 years. Republicans in Congress can stay in office for more than 8 years so it doesn’t make any sense at all that Bill might be referring to Republicans.

The only reason that liberals think he might be referring to Republicans is ’cause they can’t take the truth of who Obama is and what he did to the country. Now Bill’s comments on Obama pretty much confirms the Clinton vs. Obama feud that’s been going on behind the scenes. Bill better be careful though ’cause Barack would be listening. Bill’s comments on Obama could end up get Hillary thrown in prison pretty quickly.


Video: US soldier gets into shouting match with Bill Clinton over Benghazi… pretty EPIC!

Those evil Clintons can go around and pretend like Benghazi never happened but we won’t forget! This young man has balls for this. Slick Willie’s response to him is all you need to know how he is. Bill is an asshole and always has been. If there is a pretty good reason why Hillary isn’t in prison yet for Benghazi, I blame Bill for that ’cause he’s definitely protecting her for sure. Both of the Clintons need to be in prison ’cause Bill is a sexual predator and Hillary the murderer.


I’m happy the Bill Clinton rape scandals finally went mainstream, it’s about time!!!

Thanks to people like Donald Trump and Dinesh D’ Souza, the Bill Clinton rape scandals has finally went mainstream. It’s about time too! All of Bill Clinton’s rape victims are pretty well-documented… it’s just that the media ignores a lot of that stuff over the years. You know how the media is always pretty protective over the Clintons. Don’t let Slick Willie get away with it ’cause they call him Slick Willie for a good reason. People need to wake up and realize that Bill Clinton is a pig and a predator like Cosby. Sure enough, liberals think there is nothing wrong with Bill and they treat him like he’s a king.

Don’t let Bill think he can get away with it… although, while people can try and expose Bill & Hillary all they want to, you know nothing is gonna happen to them. Those two have way too much power so I don’t think Bill and Hillary will go to prison no matter how many crimes they commit. I’ll have another post on that soon.

I don’t want the Clintons back in the White House but I have a feeling it’s gonna happen anyways due to a rigged election.


Do “Black Lives Matter” or not? Libtards hating on Bill Cosby is racist…


For the past years of Obama’s presidency, liberals jerk themselves off with the “Black Lives Matter” movement. They shout “Black Lives Matter” each time a black person gets in trouble. Well Bill Cosby is black and he’s in trouble with the law. So what gives, folks?

I’m not defending Bill Cosby or anything as I think the guy deserves all the backlash he’s getting but it’s pretty funny how libtards go from defending Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray to hating on Bill Cosby all of a sudden.

Aren’t liberals the one who get offended all the time when black people get picked on? Don’t they shout racist at everything? These are the same loser jackasses who call people racist for hating on Barack Obama and now libtards are hating on Bill Cosby. So what gives, huh? Who are the racists now, you idiots.


It’s good they’re charging Bill Cosby for sexual assault but what about Bill Clinton?

Not a lot of people in America know that Bill Clinton has a pretty long history of sexual assault. Of course, the mainstream media ignores that stuff. It’s actually great news that Cosby is getting charged but now lets work on getting Slick Willie Bill to get charged too. All it takes is a quick google research to see how many women that Slick Willie assaulted and raped over the years. Slick Willie is no different than Cosby. They would be good drinking buddies. I can see them two sitting at the bar together bragging about the hottest women they raped. lmao