Bill Clinton finally admits that Obama is a horrible president and has destroyed the country… WOW!!!

Bill Clinton finally admitted in a speech while campaigning for Hillary that Barack Obama has destroyed the country and admitted that the Obama presidency was awful. Slick Willie Bill also called out how bad the George W. Bush presidency was too and I agree with Bill that both George W. and Obama were both horrible.

Now Bill’s comments on Obama is getting the liberals all fired up. The liberal community is trying their best to brainwash us into thinking that Bill was actually referring to Republicans but he wasn’t, you one-sided dumb asses. Bill said put the “awful legacy of the eight years” behind us… he was referring to Obama. You can only be president for 8 years. Republicans in Congress can stay in office for more than 8 years so it doesn’t make any sense at all that Bill might be referring to Republicans.

The only reason that liberals think he might be referring to Republicans is ’cause they can’t take the truth of who Obama is and what he did to the country. Now Bill’s comments on Obama pretty much confirms the Clinton vs. Obama feud that’s been going on behind the scenes. Bill better be careful though ’cause Barack would be listening. Bill’s comments on Obama could end up get Hillary thrown in prison pretty quickly.


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