Applying scales to chord progressions…

I don’t think I’m the best lead guitarist so I think I’m getting the hang of things, though. For my internet album, I’m planning on having guitar solos on all of my songs. You heard me play guitar solos on my songs “Mr. Tough Guy” and “Be On the Run” well that’s just the beginning. I plan on having guitar solos on most of my songs.

Only problem is, I’m not the best at applying scales to chord progressions but I just discovered a neat little trick that will handle that. What I do is write out all the notes in the chords that are in the chord progressions and find the scale that goes with those notes. The scale that would have those notes would work. For scales I would probably mostly use the minor/major pentatonic scales, the blues pentatonic scales and all the modes. Jamming lead guitar over my own songs is great for practising anyway so I’m gonna keep doing it.

I’m not the best improviser yet but I’m really getting there, though. I want to add guitar solos to my songs on the internet album ’cause like I said before, I want it to be a “guitar” album. Make an album that guitar lovers would love. Try to make it a face melting guitar album is my goal. I only got 3 songs for the internet album so far but I got a bunch more coming.

Notice the improvement of sound quality of the songs so far? I told ya, I wasn’t make it up. My songs sound really good with this new recording rig especially the vocals.

Yeah, I love playing lead guitar and I want to do that more especially for this record that I’m making. It’s nice that these songs are getting great feedback so far. I remember in the past, my songs used to get so much negative feedback but these days people have been saying nothing but positive things about my music which feels amazing really. I’ll have more songs coming.



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