Soon the mainstream media won’t be allowed to cover stories on celebrity sex tapes…

The jury just gave Hulk an even bigger payday. The jury just hit Gawker with $15 million in punitive damages and the sites owner Nick Denton $10 million so that’s an added $25 million bonus. This is really pathetic, though. So let me get this straight, Hulk gets a payday for banging his former best-friends wife? Damn. I wish I could become a millionaire by banging some guy’s wife!

Give it time… soon other news journalists will no longer cover stories on celebrity sex tapes anymore for fear of getting sued due to the Hulk Hogan thing. I’m sure other celebrities will continue to become victims of “sex tapes” leaks but other journalists won’t be able to cover it ’cause other celebrities could sue them and follow Hulk’s footsteps. Other celebrities could follow through.

I understand how “invasion of privacy” could be a huge problem online but if you’re an “invasion of privacy” victim then chances are, it’s pretty much your own damn fault and brought it upon yourself to begin with. If this stuff gets out there then it is pretty much your fault really. If you don’t want to become a victim of “invasion of privacy” then you need to have more responsibility with yourself. If you don’t want this happening to you then don’t take nude photos of yourselves, don’t videotape yourself fucking someone and all that stuff. If you don’t do any of that at all then this stuff wouldn’t get out there.

If Gawker didn’t get a hold of the sex tape then somebody else would have ’cause this is the internet. The internet world is a crazy place. You can’t stop “invasion of privacy” even a dumb lawsuit won’t stop it ’cause money is just paper. Money won’t stop “invasion of privacy”. If you don’t want this happening to you then be more careful and stop trusting people so easily!

I’m still predicting that Gawker is gonna fight back soon. Just wait for it. They probably will file an appeal.


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