Is the Pee Wee Herman character a closeted homosexual, maybe???

So I watched the new Pee Wee movie, “Big Holiday” on Netflix over the weekend. After I watched that movie, the first question that came to my head was, “Pee Wee gay?”.

I wouldn’t be surprised. I always knew that Pee Wee is kind of gay over the years but the “Big Holiday” movie really showed more of it. Sure, “Big Holiday” may have been a bromance kind of movie but in that film Pee Wee and Joe Manganiello seemed kind of obsessed with each other as if they might be crazy about each other or something. I mean, the scene where Joe showed up at the Pee Wee diner in the movie, Pee Wee looking all excited and bright-eyed when he showed up since Joe is big & muscular. In the film, Pee Wee kept looking at Joe like if he was attracted to him or something. So I don’t know, the film got me scratching my head a little bit.

I did watch “Big Holiday” once and it was an enjoyable movie actually. I liked it a lot. Pee Wee is probably not gay… him and Joe are just best friends that’s it but I hope they don’t make Pee Wee gay, though. That would be so wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised if they go that direction since homosexuality is more acceptable in America these days.



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