Is James Hetfield having throat issues after years of singing for Metallica??? Me thinks he’s getting burnt out… time to slow it down boys…

Metallica had to pull out of in a middle of a concert early ’cause James was having trouble singing even they still played a bunch of songs. They stopped the concert before the end of it.

Metallica finally put out a statement explaining that James had throat issues. What is wrong with him? Is it simply because of years and years of singing with Metallica nonstop? The band tours heavily nonstop all year long and all year round. The band is a workhorse. James sings so much over the years whether during live shows and in the studio.

Singing maybe fun but after years and years of doing it and as you get older, it’ll start to damage your throat. James is quite a powerful singer. He’s got pipes for sure and after years of singing, it’s finally getting to him. Keep in mind, he’s not young anymore. He’s in his 50’s.

I think it’s finally time for the band to wake up and realize they aren’t kids anymore. They started Metallica when they were young kids. This band worked so hard over the years and do you think it’s finally time for them to slow down a bit? I understand the need for the band for wanting to tour but at that age, I don’t think they can take it. Maybe play some shows yearly but not a full tour all year long like they do every year.

Hopefully the issues of James’s throat won’t force him to quit singing for good ’cause that would suck. Whether you like Metallica or not, James is a great singer. Always knew that.


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