So glad I bought this book called “Music Theory For Computer Musicians”, already an insightful read and helpful!

I’ve read the first chapter of this book already today and wow, I’m impressed! This book was worth the purchase after all. The book was kind of pricey but I bought it ’cause I wanted to improve myself with my work on DAW software. Yeah, I am a computer musician who prefers to make music digitally and I really need to improve that stuff. Thanks for the first chapter of this book, I now understand sound frequency and know what Hertz or kilohertz is. That first chapter gave me a better understanding of sound and all that stuff.

This book is definitely a must-read for those who make music on your computers through DAW’s and shit. I’m not even done with this book yet and already loving it!

I really need to get better with DAW recording and I will. I’ve always sucked at it over the years. I was never all that good with home recording but after doing heavy research on recording gear, I’m really getting the hang of it. I remember a year or 2 ago, I finally bought myself a basic home studio setup. New audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i4), PreSonus monitors, pop filter for microphone and a way better computer!

I really need to get good with DAW recording so I can make better sounding music which is my goal. I want to produce all my music myself. Track it, mix it, master it, etc. Do it all on my own. I got to figure out how to make the MP3 sound louder after rendering ’cause each time I render a song to MP3, the volume gets lower for some reason. I’ll figure it out by doing some reading so hopefully these books will help me.

I’ll get better with home recording at some point. Just gotta practice, do my homework on this stuff, doing some reading and researching.

If I were to start recording music again, what music would I make? Like I said before, I would try to make all kinds of music. Try to make everything but I mostly want to keep my focus on guitar rock oriented music. I want to try to make tight rock n’ roll which I will. I will still write some acoustic songs and try to write piano ballads too. I want to make rock guitar music. I’ll try to make full band music using MIDI and all that stuff.



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