I’m gonna keep politics out of my music from now on…

From this point forward when I make new songs, I’m going to keep politics out of them completely. Meaning no protest songs, no topical songs, etc. None of that stuff. I used to write songs like that in the past but no more. There are too many musicians and songwriters out there that brings politics into music whether left-wing views or right-wing views. I believe music shouldn’t about politics anymore. If I were to ever play live again, I won’t even rant about politics in between songs ’cause I hate it when bands & artists do that shit. I want to keep politics separate from music the best I can.

I will still talk about politics on my blog and social networking but in my music, no. What will I write about in my upcoming new songs whenever I start writing again? I would write autobiographical songs… write song about myself and write songs about what I’m feeling. I would continue to write fictional stories by song too ’cause I’ve always liked doing that.

I’ve always wanted to write songs based on fantasy stories and medieval & Viking type of stuff. Write songs telling stories inspired by Game of Thrones and the show Vikings (on the history channel). I’ll try writing songs like that too. So if I were to make a metal album sometime down the road, I would write metal songs based on medieval and Viking stories ’cause I love that stuff. Fantasy stories inspired by the “Elder Scrolls” video games too which are games that I love to play especially “Skyrim”. I would love to try writing a song where a hero knight fights dragons and an evil sorceress, that kind of thing.

Time to leave politics out of music ’cause I’m tired of that too. Wish other bands & artists would do the same. I want all people to enjoy my music.



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