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Report: An old school experience for Metallica at Record Store day…

After days of hard touring and hours of recording in the studio for the new Metallica album, the boys in Metallica decided to take a day off from all that to have some fun meeting fans at a six hour autograph session at Record Store day.

The autograph session took place at Rasputin Music in Mountain View, California. The store used to be Tower Records. Obsessive Metallica fans camped out in the parking lot for days hoping to be the first in line to get the wrist bands to enter the store.

Hundreds of obsessive Metallica fans traveled there from across the states and from different countries just to meet the band in person. The band will even chat with fans for a while so they won’t feel like they just go there just to get an autograph. The band was willing to sign everything the fans wanting them to sign, they even posed pictures with fans. Weird fans came in looking like old school metal like the way it used to be in the 80’s. Seems like James, Kirk, Lars, and Rob were having the time of their lives and having a blast at that record store.

Metallica are even loved by children who are fans as you see in the link below, they posed photos with kids that were there.

Read the whole story here along with photos of the day:


Pretty cool, if I had the money, I would have flown down there to meet the band myself. Sounds like a fun time.

A few videos of that day below.


Report: The Tenacious D to open for Metallica in Ireland…

Metallica just announced on the band’s official website, that the Tenacious D, a comedy acoustic project brought to you by Jack Black and Kyle Gass will open a show for Metallica in Dublin, Ireland on August 20th at Marley Park.

From Metallica.com:


Jack Black has always been a huge Metallica fan and always been talking about them his whole life. I’m sure Jack is thrilled and psyched that he will be sharing the stage with the gods of rock. Congrats to Jack and Kyle!