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Report: Tenacious D planning new album…

Kyle Gass spoke to Billboard.com and revealed the news that he and Jack are planning a new album. They want it to be a follow up to the movie soundtrack “The Pick of Destiny”. But don’t expect them to finish and release the new album anytime soon, they want to take their time with it and make it a really good one. They want to make the next one a hit.

Billboard reports:


These guys write a lot of songs about “cock sucking”. The “Pick of Destiny” soundtrack is all about that really. Hope the next one will be different and they shouldn’t overdo the “cock sucking” lyrics in the songs.

I enjoy Jack and Kyle, but they need to write about different stuff.


Report: The Tenacious D to open for Metallica in Ireland…

Metallica just announced on the band’s official website, that the Tenacious D, a comedy acoustic project brought to you by Jack Black and Kyle Gass will open a show for Metallica in Dublin, Ireland on August 20th at Marley Park.

From Metallica.com:


Jack Black has always been a huge Metallica fan and always been talking about them his whole life. I’m sure Jack is thrilled and psyched that he will be sharing the stage with the gods of rock. Congrats to Jack and Kyle!