Metallica releasing a music video to every single song off “Hardwired to Self Destruct”??? Seems like it…

Seems like Metallica is releasing a video for each song off of “Hardwired to Self Destruct” set to release this Friday and yes, I will get the album.

As some of you know I’m a huge Metallica fan. I heard everything they’ve done and saw them live in concert once.

So far, “Hardwired To Self Destruct” is sounding really good and I’m digging the album.

I believe Metallica has gone back to their roots, thrash metal and heavy music. So far with these songs, sound quality definitely did improve! It’s so awesome  that you can hear Rob’s bass this time so the mix is real good. Lars has gotten a lot better on the drumming, he sounds tighter than ever!

Can’t wait to get the album. I’ll probably get the album on physical CD instead of downloaded it from Itunes. Yeah I still like to buy albums on physical CD’s even though people don’t do that anymore. I do both buy CD’s and buy albums digitally. I just love buying albums, it’s just something I’ve always loved to do. I just love supporting bands and music artists.


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