Whoever Trump picks for his cabinet and his administration, I’ll support no matter who it is…

Now that Trump is the new President-elect, it’s time for him to put together his administration and cabinet just in time before Jan. 20th which I’m sure he will do easily. I will support anybody that Trump picks for his administration, doesn’t matter who it is. Yeah, I’m sure some Trump supporters will be disappointed in him for picking people they didn’t like in the past like Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley for example. Trump supporters don’t like those two and it’s looking like Trump is having them in his cabinet.

Trump already got Reince Priebus and Stephen Bannon on board, he’s still looking for others. Now it’s looking like that Mitt Romney maybe getting a position in the cabinet.

Which is all good. Yeah, the media are gonna do nothing but bash Trump for his picks like they are doing with Stephen Bannon now.

Now that Trump is president-elect, the media are gonna do all they can to make us feel like we voted for the wrong guy and they’re doing exactly that. The media won’t let up. They’re just getting worse, doing every possible attempt to make Trump look bad still. Stephen Bannon is already being called a racist which I’m sure he’s not ’cause that’s all the media and the left got. That’s all they do is call people “racist” so I just ignore their bullshit. The media is probably gonna attack every person that gets hired for Trump’s administration.

Just wait until Ted Cruz gets on for Attorney General. I remember the media used to be pretty friendly with Ted Cruz ’cause he used to bash Donald Trump, now Ted is fully on the Trump Train. I wonder what the media will do when Nikki Haley and Mitt Romney get on the administration?

I will support anybody that Trump picks ’cause I believe he knows what he’s doing. It’s about uniting the GOP party and I think that’s what Trump is trying to do. Yes, Trump may have had some heated wars with Ted Cruz, Romney and Haley but it’s time to leave the negative grudges behind and start making America Great Again! That’s what it’s about!

As long as Trump’s choices for his cabinet drives the left absolutely crazy, then Trump knows he’s got the right choice. The left went nuts when Priebus and Bannon got officially hired just wait until the others get onboard.

I support Trump for his choices of his cabinet ’cause he won the election for us. He’s fighting for us so I’ll back Trump no matter what he does.



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