So Metallica released every song off of “Hardwired to Self Destruct”… they did a great job, love the album…

I’m really surprised with Metallica. I didn’t think they would come back in their true form for their next album but they truly did. You want metal up your ass, you got it! I’m sure Metallica still has a lot of haters and critics but I never listen to them. I listened to every song they put out on the “Hardwired to Self Destruct” and I thought they did an amazing job with the album. In my opinion, it’s their best since the “Black Album”.

In the new “Self-Destruct” album, I thought they did a much better job with the sound quality which is what I’m impressed with. Yeah I know, the band always gets criticized for their sound quality of their records every album they do but I think the sound quality is perfect this time around. Everything sounds good. You can hear everything pretty good. I admit Metallica hasn’t been good with producing their own albums for the last several years but I think they listened to their critics and Lars said to himself, “Gee, maybe we should listen to them. Give them what they want” and that’s exactly what they did. In the “Death Magnetic” album, they got too many complaints that they couldn’t hear Rob’s bass, well this time you can hear Rob’s bass which is awesome. Lars got a lot of criticism for his drumming, that they say his drumming is annoying. Well his drumming doesn’t sound annoying at all in this album. He sounds tight and seems to be playing in time. He must be doing a lot of practicing.

I think this is their best album in a long time. Every song on it is pretty heavy. Not too many ballads like their previous albums. This album is really good and I’m definitely picking up a copy. I’ll buy it on physical CD instead of on Itunes like I said. When I go Christmas shopping which will be hopefully soon, I’ll pick up a copy.

What a great way to get people to hear an album, release an official video of every song on it which I believe no band or artist has done before. Usually bands & artists releases a music video for like 3 or 4 songs off an album. Metallica wanted to do something different. Will other bands follow? Yeah, probably.

I think the best song off of “Self-Destruct is “Now That We’re Dead” in the video above.



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